There’s never a dull moment in East Nashville. Five Points is known as the meeting place on the East Side. You can stop by Bongo Java for an early morning coffee, have a beer at Three Crow Bar, a meat and three at the greasy spoon or a romantic dinner at Café Margot and there's another fanastic brunch hot spot not too far from Five Points called Marche.

My latest experience in bringing folks to the East Side is with a couple who is moving here from Michigan. After spending several days with them, we drove to the East Side and that was it! It was love at first sight. We found a house that’s less than half a mile from Five Points. This house has been completely renovated with a great addition. The development company has done an amazing job keeping the style of our historic East Nashville homes while selecting classic colors, tile and fixtures. My couple can’t wait to move and start enjoying all that Nashville has to offer.

The Art and Invention Gallery has their annual Tomato Art Festival in August, and what a fun experience it is. It’s a great little event that has paintings, shirts, jewelry and more. Where is this event? Near Five Points, of course! You won’t want to miss it. I wouldn’t dress up if you’re planning on participating in the Tomato Toss. Don’t have any tomatoes? Don’t worry. Our friendly Farmer’s Market will be donating their unsellable tomatoes for the event. See you there!